Countertop Basics: Solid Surface

Solid surface is becoming a popular choice again amongst the surge of quartz materials/brands on the market.  Solid surface is an acrylic, man-made material that became THE material for countertops back in the 70's but made a huge introduction in 1980's kitchens and baths.  With Corian being the "grandfather" of all solid surface, brands like HI-MACS, Staron, Formica, Avonite, and Gibraltar made its mark in the kitchen and bath industry and still going strong today.

Various solid surface brands have re-introduced themselves, offering vast selections of colors that resemble stone movements and character.  They took a back-seat for a while with the introduction of quartz almost ten years ago but slowly making its way back into kitchen and bath designs due to its versatility, color options, warranty, and maintenance-free characteristics.

  • Budget friendly.  Can be mixed with other high end quartz materials for a unique design element
  • Easy to clean and maintain.  Scratches can be buffed out with sandpaper and re-finished
  • Non-porous and never needs sealing.  Almost every reputable brand of solid surface offers a 10 year or 15 year warranty (when installed by a certified fabricator)
  • Design options include coved/integral backsplashes to eliminate silicone joints behind sink splashes (another easy to clean benefit).  Quartz materials can't incorporate coved/integral splashes
  • Integral sinks are ideal for easy cleaning and eliminates exposed sink flanges or joints.  No opportunities for mold to gather.  Perfect for those that prefer a "seamless" transition
  • Seams are inconspicuous.  No obvious deck seams, especially at corners
  • Custom shower pans and walls create an almost maintenance-free zone.  No "tile grout" to clean or maintain

Typically solid surface can start at about $50/SF and up depending on brand and color (includes installation)