Cabinet Upgrades for a Personalized Space

When we first started fabricating custom cabinetry locally, we found that we were a little limited by what our local distributors could warehouse or bring in with a minimum quantity.  With the growing demand of customized spaces, material distributors started listening to cabinet makers and started offering product lines that the fabrication industry previously had to pay a fortune for as "select" materials.

Modern, flat panel doors, still top the most requested door styles at our shop.  Textured melamine materials offer a pleasing visual element, while keeping lines crisp and clean. Homeowners are also taking a cue from top kitchen and bath designers by mixing materials, colors, and textures in the same space to create a more unique style.  For years, designers have been incorporating this mix of materials for their clients.  It wasn't until recently that actual homeowners have been requesting this style (due to the exposure of Houzz and Pinterest).

Homeowners are upgrading their kitchens and baths, with high-polished doors, aluminum frames with glass and textured inserts, sliding doors, and back-painted glass to name a few.  Although these are not "new" trends or upgrades, it has made an impact with our suppliers who are now making it easier for fabricators like us, to provide options in-house without having to order or sub-contract the work elsewhere.  This allows us to work more efficiently with our customers and stay on top of the quality and workmanship.  And we found that given the options, homeowners are willing to pay the additional costs to incorporate unique colors, textures, and styles to create a kitchen that stands out just a little bit more.

To learn more about various upgrades, like our Element Designs high-gloss doors, back-painted glass for backsplash, aluminum sliding doors and glass inserts, please contact us to make an appointment.