Don't Forget About the Accessories

We’ve all had that situation in the kitchen. Those blank and blind corner cabinets that don’t offer anything and actually become the last dying place for unwanted plastic containers. When customers come to us with their cabinet checklist, I usually only see a mention of a trash pull-out in the cabinet. Today, there are so many options for homeowners to take advantage of, maximizing the entire cabinet footprint, and making everyday activity pleasant.

Blind corner accessories have been very popular. They are available in a variety of finishes and colors and can house anything from cooking oils and spices, small appliances and mixers, and those heavy serving dishware. They can pivot and swing out, come with two or four shelves, and different shapes. With an easy touch, you don’t ever have to get on the ground and reach far into the back of the cabinet. It comes out to you!

Pullout trash bins and recycling centers keep everything out of sight and out of mind. These also come in a variety of options, ranging from basic wire to upscale finishes and soft-close applications.

Spice racks, both for regular and narrow spaces, bread boxes, mixer stands, you name it. There’s an accessory for your cabinet to multiply and maximize storage options. Think about your current kitchen, take note of the solutions you would like to see for your new layout, and explore the many possibilities that accessories provide.